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January 15, 2019

My next NYC show dates are Feb 2nd, March 2nd, April 6th and May 4th. Click here for tickets I an so [more]

October 20, 2018

So excited to announce NYC show dates. Saturdays...November 3rd and December 8th Tickets here :)   November 3rd  DEC 8th “The superbly intoxicating Frances [more]

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Frances Ruffelle LIVEs in New York

“The best live performance you’re likely to see for quite some time” Manhattan Digest

“I’ve known Frances for almost 30 years but she never ceases to surprise and amaze me with the ways she reinvents herself, finding new levels of expression and excellence, always with total commitment and her signature sensual passion. I cannot wait to see what she does next.” ALAN CUMMING

“The superbly intoxicating Frances Ruffelle. This is seriously the best show I have seen all season, bar none!” SUZANN BOWLING The Times Square Chronicles.

“Frances Ruffelle LIVEs in New York is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, modern but timeless, a sensual coquette who will steal your heart.” BETTY BUCKLEY

“With this biography in song, Frances Ruffelle fills the room with love, loss and laughter. It’s part Piaf, part Marianne Faithfull, and all excellent. ” JOE LEVY, Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone

“My beautiful Frances Ruffelle, my beautiful Wild Child. Her show just proves what a great Piaf she would be. Fun, reckless, and WILD.”  PATTI LUPONE

“Ruffelle doesn’t just use the space she crushes it under her high heels” -MARTIN GRAY- The Scotsman***** The Edinburgh Festival

“There are great and strong voices, big or beautiful voices, but very rarely, there is what can only be described as a magic voice. Frances is one of these rare ones, and the magic seems to lie in the contradiction, she is youthful and wise, vibrant and sad, spontaneous and skilled. Hearing is believing.” TREVOR NUNN

“Frances Ruffelle performs with grace and fire, subtlety and extravagance, delicacy and excitement – sometimes all at once” TIM RICE

“Totally lopping –the –top off conventional cabaret concert conventions, Broadway star and musical artist Frances Ruffelle presented a radically deconstructed, immersive and jazz-infused ‘tone poem’ to life and love” DAVID FRISCIC DCArts

“Frances Ruffelle’s voice sounds like diamond dust: just so pretty and so gritty that you could listen to it sparkle roughly for hours.” PENELOPE THOMAS Bistro Awards

“Theater’s iconic Frances Ruffelle has gifted us with a whip-smart evening of pure entertainment. ” GRACE TRESTON  Theater Pizzazz

“Refreshingly textured and bracing turn by a woman who should be allowed to play any concert hall or Broadway stage she likes.” MICHAEL MUSTO Newnownext.com

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