Imperfectly Me 


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  1. Lucky Day 
  2. It’s All Right With Me
  3. Love Me For What I Am 
  4. Hit Me With A Hot Note 
  5. Alabama Song
  6. What Now My Love? – Et Maitenant
  7. Mr Monotony 
  8. Do It Again 
  9. Slap That Bass 
  10. Before I Open My Mouth 
  11. Mood Indigo

Produced, recorded and mixed by Andy Strange Except ‘Lucky Day’ produced by Jimmy Napes/Andy StrangeAdditional recordings by Paul Fawcus Musical arrangements by David Barber Musical direction by Andrew Jarrett Mastered by Michael Fayne

Imperfectly me is titled so because I wanted to record a raw passionate album with 16 piece live band and not an airbrushed perfectly produced album I hope you feel we have achieved a beautifully real atmospheric recording here… you can even hear the audience sometimes.

LUCKY DAY (B.G DeSylva, Lew Brown, Ray Henderson)
It was Jimmy Napes idea to do this song and I love it. It always cheers me up when I sing it- full of pep and ready to take on the world.

Cole Porter’s songs are so adult and literate. I love this one in particular; on the surface it’s so blasé. But the lyric’s are about someone trying to heal their broken heart.

LOVE ME FOR WHAT I AM (William Finn)
I’ve loved this song since I was a kid. It’s from William Finn’s show ‘In Trousers’ and, just last year, I finally got to work with Bill. He’s brilliant and demanding and very eccentric. I love him and his music, which is unlike anybody else’s.

HIT ME WITH A HOT NOTE (Duke Ellington)
This Duke Ellington classic describes perfectly how I feel when a big band starts playing. There’s nothing more exciting for a singer than to belt out with a full brass section roaring away behind you. More of a thrill than Magic Mountain.

ALABAMA SONG (Kurt Weill and lyrics by Bertolt Brecht)
Georgia Brown was a heroine of mine. She created the role of Nancy in Oliver! And we were often compared to each other. She was a warm, funny lady and we had a lot in common beside our east-end backgrounds – we both loved the Edwardian music-hall singer Kate Carney.  Georgia recorded this Kurt Weill song in the ’60’s. This is my tribute to her and that fabulous recording.

WHAT NOW MY LOVE? – Et Maitenant (Gilbert Becaud and lyricist Pierre Delanoe. English Lyrics and title by Carl Sigman)
I think in a previous life I was French . . . Maybe I might be in the next? Meanwhile, here is Gilbert Becaud’s classic. Oh and please excuse my franglais!

MR. MONOTONY (Irving Berlin)
I grew up listening to Judy Garland and this is one of her lesser-known songs. She recorded it for the movie Easter Parade but it didn’t make the final cut. I love Judy. Of course she was a marvellous singer and performer but what I love most is her vulnerability. That’s what makes her so special to me. She made you care about her.

DO IT AGAIN (George Gershwin, Buddy De Silva)
The Gershwin’s wrote this in the ’20’s but it feels as fresh to sing now as it did then I’m sure.

SLAP THAT BASS (George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin)
The Gershwin’s again. They wrote it about a musical instrument but when I sing it I have something else in mind.

BEFORE I OPEN MY MOUTH with Eliza Doolittle (Madeline Bell and Frits Landesbergen)
My daughter Eliza is a brilliant singer-songwriter and I’m a very proud Mum. Here we are, having our Judy-and-Liza moment. Singing a great song by the talented Madeline Bell.

MOOD INDIGO (Duke Ellington, Barney Bigard with lyrics by Irving Mills)
Sometimes it feels really good to moan and wail and let it all hang out. This is my musical version of a good cry!

I love imperfections.  I hope you like mine.

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